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Meet Andrew + Emi

The Hunt for the (Housing) Glass Slipper


Like many buyers over the last two years, the White Ohana had their share of “no’s” to offers before they finally got to a yes - and lucky for them, that yes was the perfect fit, more than any other homes they previously put offers on. 


“Like I often say to clients when we get a no back,” shared REALTOR Chelsey Wall, “Even though it can feel heartbreaking and discouraging in the moment, I always hold firm that there’s a reason this one didn’t work out. I’ve seen it again and again - that final yes ends up being the ONE!”

This was the case for the Whites. They were renting a home in Kailua right near their daughter’s school, and it was the neighborhood they wanted to stay in. But at the time, not much was available on the market, so they were forced to extend their search.


“We ended up putting in offers on two homes in nearby Kaneohe - both ended up being no,” Chelsey shares. But then it happened - a home came on the market just two blocks away from their current rental. Exactly where they wanted to be.

It was a competitive road to getting their offer accepted. As was the case through much of 2021, being at the top of a seller’s list required an above-asking offer along against multiple offers, and the Whites were no exception. But thankfully, this one ended up at YES.


“When we spent time in Kailua, we knew it was the place for us."


After seven years on Oahu, Andrew received a new career opportunity which has called the Blasers back to the mainland. With this came the difficult decision to sell their first home.


“We are so sad to leave this place and the home that we love, but we are excited for our new adventures in the Pacific Northwest! We take our cherished memories with us and leave a house for a new family to build their life in.”


Emi reached out to Shannon King, knowing that Shannon and her team would take utmost care of their family and their beloved home. "Shannon and her team took care of everything - literally everything. They provided constant communication and filled us in on every step of the process, but they handled every tiny detail.”



When Shannon and fellow REALTOR and husband Scott visited the Blaser’s home, they gave them two options to sell: one being to sell as is, and one requiring the  family to move-out of their home, allowing Shannon and Scott to make home improvements prior to listing. The second option allowed for Shannon and Scott, and therefore the Blasers, to garner a higher return. For the Kings, real estate is so much more than buying and selling. They want to ensure their clients are cared for, and set up for the best financial future possible. 


With the Blasers in agreement of option two, Shannon and Scott began the process of making the renovations that would really elevate the home’s potential. “Shannon and Scott were amazing with this process. They handled getting the quotes, managing the project, and ensuring the project was done on time up to their high standards. I wish I had done these renovations before we moved out!”

“Find someone you trust, build a relationship, and let them take over! Selling a home can be such a stressful process, but Shannon made it so easy from start to finish."


Approximately $50K worth of renovations were invested into the Blaser’s home, but the return for the family was substantial, raising the home’s value nearly 27%, to the tune of making an additional $400K. This is incredibly impactful for the Blazers, who are moving to Seattle, another extremely competitive market. 


The Blasers are so grateful for the team at Island Living Homes, and the entire experience of working together. “Find someone you trust, build a relationship, and let them take over! Selling a home can be such a stressful process, but Shannon made it so easy from start to finish. We trusted her implicitly to tell us exactly what we needed to know and take care of everything. Without that relationship, we would have been so stressed out!”







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