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Giving Back





At Island Living Homes, we live by the mantra “Live Happy. Do Good.”


For us, this means that we enjoy our daily work and strive to help others as often as possible.  One way we do this is by giving back to the local community, something we’ve done for many years. 


Do Good:  As a former school teacher, I understand first hand how underfunded our schools are, and how even a small donation can make a lasting impact on our children’s lives. When we are lucky enough to help your family find a home, we want to pass a portion of our good fortune on to those keiki in need, in your name.




Kokua is an important concept that is taught to children from a very young age. Kokua is the word we use to describe the spirit of kindness accompanied by a desire to help one another, without expecting anything in return.

More specifically, it translates to extending loving and sacrificial help to others for their benefit, and not for personal gain.

Support the Keiki

How this donation can support the keiki of Hawai’i: If you have school-aged children, you are welcome to choose their school, classroom, or foundation as the recipient of this contribution.  However, if you would like some ideas on other ways to donate the money, we have taken the liberty of identifying a few great organizations here on the island:  


Help Students Eat

Make a donation to the school of your choice, and pay off their student lunch debt so that all children can be well fed and not have to worry about this basic need.

Donate Now

Support this farm-to-school initiative that connects children to their local land, waters, and food to grow a healthier Hawai’i.

Donate Now

Help the homeless and poverty stricken keiki of Hawai’i by supporting interactive solutions that help children grow and break the cycle of homelessness within their own lives.

Donate Now
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