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Jake and Sarah

"Island Life is the best life"

The Bakers were meant to buy fixer uppers!  Their vision and hands on approach in remodeling is unparalleled. 


Being a military family they were renting on island first but realized they could own a home in Kailua with an Ohana unit and pay almost $1000 less per month than they were paying to rent. 

Sounds like a no brainer to me. But it wasn't easy.


Finding a home that had the ohana rental option they wanted was easy. But it was difficult finding one in great shape within his military Basic Allowance for Housing. 

That's when they got creative and decided to buy a home with very few upgrades since the home was built in the 50s. Although their home came with Photovoltaic Panels saving them $$$ on utilities. From gutting and opening the kitchen, to installing new flooring and paint throughout there is little they haven't touched. They've even transformed their back yard into a children's paradise. 

The Baker's home is one we all love to hang out at. It may be because Jake is a great cook, or the kids can run free, or most likely because they are just really cool people. 

Fun fact, their now converted ohana used to be the neighborhood hulu studio. Nothing like owning a little bit of Kailua history in your own back yard!  

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