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We're Hiring!

Are you an energetic, hardworking, attention to detail service-oriented administrative professional seeking a fast-paced, team-oriented environment? If so, we would love to talk to you. (Or anyone you know who is!)

We're Hiring!

Our awesome transaction coordinator Arielle is transitioning to become a selling agent. While she’s staying with Island Living Homes, her position as our dependable assistant is open. (No worries, she won’t transition until we have her spot filled!)

We are looking for a transaction coordinator/assistant to work closely with Shannon, our broker to help manage the paperwork side of our real estate transactions.  

If you or someone you know is a self-starter, hardworking, attention to detail service-oriented administrative professional who wants to work from home, seeking a fast-paced, team-oriented environment, we would love to talk to you/them.

As you know, our primary goal is to exceed our client's expectations and provide top notch care before, during and after the real estate transaction. In order to do that we depend heavily on our transaction coordinator.

We are looking for a long term solution to this position and a commitment of 2 years minimum in the position. We are not looking for new real estate agents, nor are we looking for someone who wants to transition eventually to being an agent. We want someone who loves checklists, paperwork, organizing other people's schedules and working from home. No real estate experience necessary.


  • Excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills

  • Attention to detail and ability to use judgment and discretion regarding customer transactions and confidential information

  • Must obtain real estate license if not already licensed

Job Description:

  • Oversee all aspects of the administration of the ILH and the agent’s business.

  • Create & manage all systems for sellers, buyers, client database management, lead generation tracking, lead follow-up & all office administration.

  • Maintain all agent financial systems, profit & loss statement

  • Coordinate the purchasing of any office equipment, marketing materials and any other business related supplies and materials.

  • Create & update a business operations manual and all job descriptions/employment contracts for any future hires.

  • Manage the recruiting, hiring, training and ongoing leadership of all future administrative hires.

  • Hold agent(s) accountable for conducting all agreed upon lead generation activities.

  • Ensure that all agent activities are limited to listing property, showing property, negotiating contracts & lead generation.

  • Answer phones and manage agents emails

  • Oversee all aspects of buyers/sellers transactions from initial contact to executed purchase agreement.

  • Enter clients into database/drip campaigns/maintain contact with leads as scheduled

  • Constant communication between clients and agents

  • Prepare consultation paperwork including all buyers binders, listing materials: pre-listing presentation, Listing Agreement, sellers disclosures, comparative market analysis, pull online property profile, research old multiple listing service (MLS) listings and etc.

  • Consult & coordinate with sellers all property photos, staging, repairs, cleaning, signage, lockbox, access requirements & marketing activities.

  • Obtain all necessary signatures on buyer’s rep agreements, listing agreement, disclosures and other necessary documentation.

  • Coordinate schedule showings & obtain feedback.

  • Oversee all contract timelines and so much more!!!

How to Apply

Please complete this DISC test online and send an email to subject line - Transaction Coordinator Position - with an outline of your job experience and short explanation of why you would be a good fit in our organization. Please include your contact information and attach a PDF of your DISC test.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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