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"The best way to know life, is to love many things" by Vincent Van Gough. And Sarah's love for many things makes her well suited for Real Estate.


Living in a constant state of arrival and having moved so many times, she loves a good house hunt! Finding a house for a family that they love and can call HOME makes it all the more meaningful.


Sarah fell into real estate much like we all do, as an investor. After buying her first condo at age 25, she caught the bug and realized the potential in owning. She has enjoyed being a landlord and renovating properties. With a love for problem solving and enhancing things to make them the best they can be on a budget. 

She grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, but left to attend Arizona State University where she received her Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism & Mass Communications. Sarah moved to San Diego where her time working for the World Trade Center Association, San Diego and NYK Logistics in Global Logistics Sales taught her how to problem solving strategies, how to negotiate multicultural deals and prepped her for the ups and downs in real estate transactions.


Home is where they Navy sends you, and Hawaii is the perfect place to finally call home after 11 moves between 10 cities in the last 20 years, she has the moving part down. Her love for travel and exploring new places runs deep after-all, her parents and brother have taught school all over the world.


Her best advice for clients, "Take some risks. Owning a home in Hawaii is a tangible dream! Don't be afraid to do the uncomfortable financial work with your partner to make a plan, to see where you are and where you want to be financially. It's worth any argument(s) you may come across and you come out stronger in the end."


When she's not busy selling real estate you can find her on the beach with her three girls, their dog Kai and her husband Jake or hanging with her girlfriends laughing over a good glass of wine.


She loves living with purpose, live music and classic rock. 


She wants to be remembered for her loyalty, seeing the best in everyone and loving with reckless abandon. 


Our families moved to Hawaii within a month of each other four years ago and we have supported each-other ever since. I am proud she's been with us since ILH's conception, and to have her officially joining the ISL team as an AGENT. 

Her intimate knowledge of everything Kailua living for the past 4 years fuels her the enthusiasm and desire to find a house for your family to call HOME. In this very competitive market her edge comes from problem solving, working on tight budgets, and a strong passion for helping others achieve their dream. 


Her knowledge is built on her own experience of fulfilling her family's dream of owning in Hawaii. Sarah is the "school of hard knocks" agent, who has been through it herself - and will get you through it too.  


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