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Week of March 21st | Exact Date: TBD

Topic: Building Wealth Through
Homeownership & Rea
l Estate Investments
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Join us monthly for a casual conversation on all things financial and building stability through multiple streams of income including Real Estate.

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Upcoming Talks + Seminars

Women Building Wealth

Are you interested

in building wealth
for years to come?

Island Living Homes


As military spouses we love helping other spouses  build wealth.

Join us for an open dialogue about money, military benefits, financial investments and your future! We will talk story and invite likeminded professionals to share theirs. We're excited to facilitate the conversations needed to help you get closer to achieving your financial dreams.

Building Wealth

Through Homeownership

+ RE Investments

We're a group of likeminded people who bring in experts to explore topics on:

// Building Your Dream Lifestyle

// Building a Business to Support a Balanced Lifestyle

// Multiple Streams of Income

// Building Wealth Through Homeownership & Investments

// Military Tax Advantages

// Estate and Tax Planning

and so much more...


Building Wealth Through Homeownership & Investments


Estate, Tax Planning & Military Tax Advantages


Building a Business to Support a Balanced Lifestyle

"Money is like oxygen.
You can’t let anyone control your supply".

Author Unknown

Who are these talks for?

Black and White Students

Meet, Network + Learn 

The seminars serve women and men from various walks of life, of all ages, cultures, and financial situations.  It is never too late, or too early, to take control of your finances and future.

These monthly seminars are here to guide, inspire and empower ourselves and each other -- We were made to connect with each other! Everybody is welcomed and encouraged to join in on the conversation.

Join the Panel

Island Living Homes is always looking for people to bring thought leadership to our talks and seminars. Share your expertise and be a part of the conversation.

+ Speaking is a great way to:

// Hone your communication skills

// Demonstrate thought leadership

// Develop leadership skills

// Promote your organization

// Grow your professional network

// Expand your knowledge on the profession’s hottest topics

Person holding a presentation

hope to see you there!

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How can we help? From the home buying process, to the current market in Hawaii we got you covered! Give us a call or write us an email. We're always here to serve.


242 Aikane St. Kailua, HAWAII. 96734

Tel: +1 (808) 798-5800

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