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Our experience working with Shannon was  incredible and I don’t think we would have bought a house if it weren’t for her, honestly!  Part of the reason we wanted to take advantage of using her is because she knows so much about Real Estate and there was so much we wanted to learn from her. She was a big part of why we decided to buy.

The journey of purchasing a first home is full of excitement, but it can also be riddled with a rollercoaster of surprises - just ask Josh and Kat Baker. Their hurdles included things like their foundation being off by 5-inches (oh my!), to a possible cesspool below their home, and even issues with the accuracy of their closing documents! But even with the unexpected hurdles, the Bakers had an incredibly positive experience.

“I think what was most surprising is how easy it became when we had someone like our realtor Shannon,” Kat explained. Like many buyers in Hawaii, particularly now during record-low interest rates which has increased an already-competitive housing market, the Bakers didn’t get the first home they made an offer on, which can take an emotional toll. “We would probably not be in a house today if it weren’t for Shannon. After our first offer wasn’t accepted, she encouraged us in a positive way to look at some other areas an options.”


In the end, choosing to buy a home in beautiful Kailua was one of life’s simpler choices for the Bakers, and with patience and perseverance, they successfully found their own piece of island paradise. While it took Shannon’s expert eye to help them see the areas of the house’s hidden potential, their new home has so much of what they hoped for; close to their son’s elementary school, easy access to work, and best of all - just a stone’s seashell’s throw from their favorite surf spot. 

Now that the Bakers have been able to to make their home their own (we’re hoping they’ll soon offer a class on remodeling tips and how to survive the Hawaiian permitting process!), they’ve been able to really reflect on their overall experience as first-time home buyers. “We learned a lot about real estate in general, things like getting creative with your loan options and using it to your advantage, as well as to see a house and what we can do to make it the way we like. Shannon also helped us along the way, lining up contractors and all the other little components that go along with the process.” 


We can’t wait to see all that the Bakers continue to do with their home, and watch them build value in their property for years to come!


Each transaction is unique.  Whether a buyer or seller, things always come up during the process at every stage that can be overwhelming, disappointing, confusing, or just plain annoying. Our job, going into each transaction, is to  try to be both problem-solvers and a positive-energy for our clients. Here are Shannon's thoughts on her journey with Josh and Kat.

"If it doesn't work. You Make It Work" 
- S.K


Their home is one of my favorites I’ve sold in Kailua! And hands down one of the best deals I’ve seen in years in the area. If all of my clients had their vision, sense of adventure, and desire for a fixer upper I’d be in heaven!

Their transaction was full of surprises, from the appraiser flagging their foundation (what is 5 inches off really a big deal?!) to there being a possible cesspool - Thankfully there wasn’t! Oh and a surprise at the closing table… make sure you read your closing docs people.

The entire time, the Bakers kept their focus on the end game, the potential of what their home could be. It was fun living vicariously through them, and helping them space plan, interview contractors, create a light design, and give input on the new kitchen layout!

Even more fun are the weekly update calls and visits to their home, as the drama of remodeling a home in Hawaii, is everything you’ve heard rumored. But their laid back personalities have helped them make the most of it. I’m convinced they’ve created a nice little nest egg for themselves with their investment. 


Oh and maybe we can convince them to give a little class on remodeling tips and tricks on everything from permits to the pitfalls of home renovations in Kailua!

Mahalo guys for allowing us to help your sweet family find a little slice of paradise!

SHANNON W. KING (R - 22278)



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