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Aloha! I have a deep love for real estate that extends far beyond just buying and selling properties. For me, it's about understanding the emotional and intimate journey of finding the right home. This process is particularly profound in Hawaii, where unique dynamics come into play, making each home search a truly special experience.

Being a military family, I understand the challenges of packing up and moving across oceans with little to no notice. It's a journey that has given me a special appreciation for the importance of finding a place to call home, no matter where life takes us.

I'm dedicated to helping clients navigate Hawaii's real estate landscape with care and expertise. Whether you're a military family seeking stability or a local resident looking to sell or buy your dream home, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Outside of work, my heart belongs to my family and the simple joys of life. From cheering on my boys at sports events to beach time with my husband, I find fulfillment in every moment. 

I'm incredibly grateful to be living and working in such a remarkable place, and I look forward to sharing my love for real estate with you as we embark on this journey together.




Arielle has always been immersed in the world of real estate, with her upbringing in a small town in Washington State shaped by her parents' numerous real estate ventures. Her passion for the industry continued to blossom after she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and dove into managing a luxury condominium unit during its initial lease-up phase. Arielle's journey then took her on a decade-long adventure as a proud military spouse, relocating with her husband across the country due to his Navy service. This nomadic lifestyle not only instilled in her a deep understanding of the challenges of frequent moves but also honed her resilience and adaptability.

At 25, Arielle and her husband settled at their first duty station, where they purchased and renovated their initial home, paving the way for subsequent real estate investments. Following ten years of active duty, they transitioned to the Navy Reserves and fulfilled their long-held dream of making Hawaii their permanent home, a decision driven by their love for the islands and desire for stability.

While homeschooling her three boys for many years, the decision was made to transition to formal schooling once they arrived in Hawaii, which provided her the opportunity to re-enter the real estate arena. Her journey with Island Living Homes began as a Transaction Coordinator, where she quickly absorbed the intricacies of Hawaii's real estate market.

Arielle's recent venture into homeownership with a Kailua fixer-upper underscores her knack for recognizing a property's potential and transforming it into a gem. Her multifaceted experiences as a home buyer, seller, general contractor, military spouse, and handywoman uniquely position her as a valuable asset to her clients. Arielle's dedication, combined with her vision and expertise, ensures that every client's real estate journey is marked by exceptional service, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

Strategizing, Educating,Writing, Mentoring, Investment Concepts


 "My home is my sanctuary! It's where so many memories are created and I am honored to help my clients with such an intimate task." - Arielle




How can I we help? From the home buying process, to the current market in Hawaii I got you covered! Give me a call or write me an email. I'm always here to serve.


Tel: +1 (509) 949-1515

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