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Meet John + Sarah

The Ideal Home For Their Current Season of Life


Sometimes homebuyers are searching for the absolute perfect house of their dreams; other times, homebuyers are searching for the ideal home for their current season of life. “Honestly, if I had chosen my absolute dream home, I’d be directly on the ocean on Lanikai Beach, just like everyone dreams of being! But the reality is that our house chose us.”

John and Sarah Knorek had the opportunity to move to Hawai’i on military orders.

Born and raised in Kailua, John was thrilled to be home near friends and family. They knew, without hesitation, that they wanted to buy their home in Kailua and give their three children some of the same fantastic childhood experiences that he was so fond of. They did their homework, and Kailua made the most sense. After all, it was John’s hometown and a wise real estate investment.

"But the reality is that our house chose us."

Trusting The Right Agents

John researched “best realtors in Kailua” on the internet and found Island Living Homes. They were purchasing remotely, putting all of their trust in their agents, Sarah Baker and Shannon King. This search for the right home was so important to the Knoreks, as this move back to John’s home after 20 years of absence carried many emotions. As always in Hawai’i, the market was competitive, and with interest rates climbing, John and Sarah wanted to lock in soon as possible. The Knoreks appreciated and trusted ILH’s expertise and data-driven approach to finding the best home for their needs.


Sarah and Shannon looked at many homes on their behalf. Every detail, from first look to offers and inspections, was keenly attended to and involved a lot of phone calls between The Knoreks and their agents. Ultimately, they found their perfect nestled in Coconut Grove. Their property consists of two separate structures, one for their ‘ohana and another used as a rental home. This home allowed them to live in Kailua, close to their friends and family, just minutes from the beach, while providing additional income to offset their mortgage. They were thrilled that the house was turn-key ready and could provide them with a flawless transition into their new space when they arrived on the island.


Going The Extra Mile

“Because of ILH’s care, dedication, and expertise, my family of five was able to move back home and live close to grandma and grandpa and uncles and aunties - my childhood best friends. My wife and I teared up when we first saw the house we eventually bought – it's where and what we envisioned for our family. ILH made a dream come true – connecting a multigenerational family in their hometown. The market is always competitive, that’s why I chose the best team. ILH has unparalleled credentials, and they surpassed expectations. They make the challenging path of buying a home an enjoyable ride using data-driven methods and expert professional and emotional intelligence.” - John

Many serendipitous moments along the journey assured John and Sarah that this, indeed, was the right house. “I am married to the best woman in the world; she makes my life everything that it is; wherever we live or live in-, I can’t run from how wonderful it all is. This house, this home, is all wrapped in my wife and how amazing she makes everything for our family. We can hear the ocean waves inside our house, which alone is a dream come true.”

"They make the challenging path of buying a home an enjoyable ride using data-driven methods and expert professional and emotional intelligence.”


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