Are you considering buying a home in Hawaii, but nervous that the excitement of island life could wear off? We decided to ask one of our Island Living Homes families, the Gold Ohana, about their experience. They purchased their current home in 2018, and have had quite the real estate journey! Read all about their amazing experience both buying and selling on Oahu!

Chelsey was always available to show us properties while also showing the property we were selling. Her honesty and knowledge about the current market was so valuable, and we relied constantly on her advice.



Brian and Megan Gold's Hawaiian real estate journey began in the Kailua neighborhood of Coconut Grove, in a sweet little green cottage on Kaipiha Street! But as their family grew, they soon realized the need for more space was upon them. Their friend Chelsey, who they knew through their kids' school, also happened to be a REALTOR. Chelsey was thrilled to be able help the Gold family as they faced the challenges of selling a home while also hunting for their "forever home". And challenges did they face! Read on to learn more about this family's amazing "full circle" real estate journey with Island Living Homes!

The technicalities of selling the Kaipiha Street home were a bit complex. The home was a CPR, or Condominium Project Regime, which normally isn’t too much of an issue in Hawaii. A CPR means that there is some sort of shared piece of property between two or more homes. In regards to the home the Golds were selling, the new buyers were using a VA loan and due to the CPR, the VA wanted additional motorized documents from the CPR owners, who were living in China! Chelsey spent a lot of time on the phone to the Chinese Embassy (resulting in a $500 cell phone bill!), and both Megan and Chelsey had to make several trips to the Honolulu Bureau of Conveyance, but in the end we made it happen with a minimal escrow extension, and it all worked out!

It was time to look forward to their new Coconut Grove home on Kanaha Street!



“It is our forever home!” Megan says with a contagious smile. The Gold family purchased their new home with the vision of their family growing into the space, and it has fully delivered! The walls are filled with family mementos and beautiful photographs of their amazing Hawaiian adventures. The three Gold keiki fill the space with their laughter and energy, eager to share their personal backyard oasis, with swings, a hammock, and the perfect plumeria climbing tree. Eventually the Golds hope to do even more with their outdoor space, including additional landscaping, a rock wall and a pool. And as if further fulfilling its promise of perfect family time, the home has easily accommodated an extended visit with grandma and grandpa, providing plenty of space for everyone to be together. 



Now that they’re experienced Oahu homeowners, we are curious to hear the advice they would share with those who are looking for their own piece of paradise. “We took the time to find the right neighborhood that fit our personal lifestyle, and the home that was the perfect fit for us as a family.” Equally important was working with the right REALTOR. “Chelsey was always available to show us properties while also showing the property we were selling. Her honesty and knowledge about the current market was so valuable, and we relied constantly on her advice.”

And amazingly, the Gold family's journey doesn't end there! It is always an incredible honor when a client refers Island Living Homes to a new family, and the honor is even more special as the Gold family has entrusted us to help Brian's parents, Ann and Wayne, in finding their own piece of Kailua! Chelsey is working hard to help them find their perfect home, and we can't wait to see where they end up! Each of our clients becomes part of our 'Ohana' and we are so happy that it continues to grow.


Be sure to check back as we hope to feature the Gold's "kupuna" soon! 


Read Chelsey's thoughts on her journey with Brian and Megan.

" I always tell my clients, "Everything always turns out the way it's supposed to!" When an offer doesn't get accepted, it wasn't meant to be and when it does you see why the first few didn't!"

Chelsey Wall


Having the opportunity to work with friends is always such an honor for me! We started out our real estate journey together by selling their current home and then simultaneously began the search for their new home. As you've seen, it was quite the journey! The Golds were such troopers as we navigated through it all, with an awesome end result - their beautiful forever home! I am so happy for them and love that my kids get to have fun playdates in their space for years to come!

CHELSEY WALL (R - 22278)