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Love at fir…second sight!


The old adage “first impressions are everything!” often strikes true in the hearts of homeowners in particular, and it can be a little tricky to get a client to give a house a second chance if it wasn’t a “wow!” the first time around. 

"Our biggest surprise during our home buying experience was falling in love with our home at second sight"

But luckily for us, and the Broussard Ohana, they decided to give the Mokulua Drive home in Lanikai a second chance. “Our biggest surprise during our home buying experience was falling in love with our home at second sight!” shares Claire Broussard. 


Okay, so of course we MUST know - if she didn’t love it at first sight, what was the difference between those first and second viewings? “The first time we visited the home, the weather wasn’t great,” Claire recalls. “The second time, it was much better. It was sunny and the rays of light were shining through the stained glass windows in a way that felt so beautiful; full of color, like a museum.” And of course that stunning view from the second-story balcony really had a chance to show off. “With the sun out, we could see all that turquoise water Hawaii is known for. It is so striking, and I kept thinking - wow! I could wake up to this everyday, and be so happy.”

I love the way the ocean breeze flows through all the windows and the sound of the dove and myna birds

Now that they’re cozy in their beautiful, oceanside home, Claire shares more of her favorite pieces of this special place. “I love the way the ocean breeze flows through all the windows, and the sound of the dove and myna birds.” We also frequently pau hana at our sea wall, listening to the waves, watching the sun go down. A simple 30 minutes of this at the end of the day is so rewarding.” 

We also wanted to know about her overall home buying experience in this busy, hectic market. “We really decided to see it all and go outside our comfort zone, but also staying true to our 3 must haves,” she shares. “I also loved spending time with our REALTOR, Sarah. We felt incredibly taken care of by her during this process. She ensured we saw everything on the market and provided unwavering emotional support and enthusiasm, which really reduced our stress and made the process fun. Some of my favorite moments were spent with Sarah laughing (and cringing!) over the design choices in some homes!”

“The Broussards were fantastic to work with. Like many of us, they came to Kailua and felt connected to this special place. Claire was so fun to work with, and was also thoughtful and detail oriented when shopping homes. She asked lot of excellent questions and did her due diligence. I couldn’t be happier for the Broussards having found such a unique and fantastic house! Everything a quintessential childhood dream is made of. Congratulations to the Broussards!” - REALTOR | Sarah Baker (RS) 82086




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