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Finding A Home Unexpectedly

When she first saw the Auwai house listing, Bonnie Cobarruvias immediately dismissed it as a non-contender. “It was on a flag lot, and it was also fairly turn-key; I was sure I wouldn’t be interested.” Bonnie and her partner, Peter, both love to create and build - Peter so much so he’s made a successful career as a carpenter - and they envisioned buying a home that would need more TLC that they could mold into their own personalized space.

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But REALTOR Chelsey Wall encouraged Bonnie to be open to the possibility and to at least have a look at the Auwai home. “I’m SO thankful she gave us the little push,” Bonnie shared. “As soon as we walked up to the house, I fell in love!” 


As with many homes on the market now, falling in love with a home and making an offer is just the beginning of the story. After submitting her offer, Chelsey notified Bonnie that hers was one of six offers. “It was a nerve-wracking experience. But Chelsey was amazing to work with - she kept us educated and involved through the entire process. And then she called one morning to let us know my offer had been accepted. I literally jumped up and down!”

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When asked about her favorite part of the home-buying process, Bonnie shared “The day we got our keys! But also, working with Chelsey! She was so FUN. I seriously felt like I was working with my best friend. She laughed with us, educated us, encouraged us, and went above and beyond to make us feel special. I know we weren’t her only clients, but she always made us feel like her number one priority, and made even the most stressful of times positive and a learning experience. Overall, she’s simply AMAZING!”

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And thankfully, the fun was just beginning! Even though their new home was in fact fairly turn-key as it had been recently renovated, there were still many opportunities for Bonnie and Peter to craft the home into their very own personalized retreat.  While they do have some bigger projects still in the works, such as shifting spaces to create a pantry - the house is filled with amazing, detailed touches that really bring the space to life. “One of my favorite things we’ve done to personalize our place so far is the wood accent piece behind the front door. Everything was so white when we first moved in. I painted the interior of the doors black to add depth to the space, and for the accent panel, I stained and sealed each piece of wood, and Pete built and installed it. We just love the way it turned out!”


If you’re like us and eager to see their future projects unfold (and maybe steal some ideas for our own homes!), you can follow along on their journey through Bonnie’s Instagram handle @bonbonsandjoy. 



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