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Meet Lindsay + Jason

The Hunt for the (Housing) Glass Slipper


Like many buyers over the last two years, the White Ohana had their share of “no’s” to offers before they finally got to a yes - and lucky for them, that yes was the perfect fit, more than any other homes they previously put offers on. 


“Like I often say to clients when we get a no back,” shared REALTOR Chelsey Wall, “Even though it can feel heartbreaking and discouraging in the moment, I always hold firm that there’s a reason this one didn’t work out. I’ve seen it again and again - that final yes ends up being the ONE!”

This was the case for the Whites. They were renting a home in Kailua right near their daughter’s school, and it was the neighborhood they wanted to stay in. But at the time, not much was available on the market, so they were forced to extend their search.

“We ended up putting in offers on two homes in nearby Kaneohe - both ended up being no,” Chelsey shares. But then it happened - a home came on the market just two blocks away from their current rental. Exactly where they wanted to be.

It was a competitive road to getting their offer accepted. As was the case through much of 2021, being at the top of a seller’s list required an above-asking offer along against multiple offers, and the Whites were no exception. But thankfully, this one ended up at YES.


“We really enjoyed the process of buying a home and the help we have been given by Chelsey and Island Living Homes."

The Happy-Ending Home

“Outdoor living is a huge part of living in Hawaii,” Lindsay reflects as she thinks back on their home search. “One of our favorite parts of our home is the lanai; we love that we can be out there rain or shine, enjoying the view.”


The Whites have also made some upgrades to their home, including new flooring, roofing, solar, & paint. And owning your home also allows you to make more “outside the box”, fun changes - and Lindsay took advantage of this, making a special upgrade to their younger daughter’s closet; a special nook the envy of 7 year olds everywhere! 


What else do the Whites envision doing to their home? “We would still like to do a few more things like window upgrades and remodel our kitchen,” Lindsay shares. But for now, the time together as a family in this house, in the neighborhood they wanted, is truly HOME.

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More Than Just a Fairy Godmother Real Estate Agent

Future homeowner Lindsay and REALTOR Chelsey Wall ended up meeting through “old-school” techniques; an introduction through friends. The friends just happened to be their daughters!

“Our daughters became best friends in kindergarten,” shares Chelsey, “and that’s how Lindsay and I met.”


The ladies connected right away, and even though their real estate transaction is finished, they still remain close friends. 

“We really enjoyed the process of buying a home and the help we have been given by Chelsey and Island Living Homes. We really lucked out and feel so well taken care of,” Lindsay shares.

"We really lucked out and feel so well taken care of.”





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