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Chelsey hails from a diverse background, having been born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and later spending formative years in Boston and New Mexico. However, it was her move to Hawaii in 2001 to pursue her college education at Hawaii Pacific University that truly captured her heart. Falling deeply in love with the island of Oahu, she made it her permanent home. Residing in Kailua with her husband and three children, Chelsey has established deep roots in the community.


Her professional journey in real estate began in 2007, spanning across the entire island. Last year, in 2023, she achieved a significant milestone by obtaining her Broker's license, a testament to her expertise and dedication to her craft. With a wealth of 17 years of local experience under her belt, Chelsey assists clients from all walks of life – whether they're first-time homebuyers, seasoned investors, or individuals looking to sell their condos or luxury properties. Her commitment to guiding clients through the intricacies of the real estate process is unwavering, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for all involved.


We love Chelsey and agree with her client who said, “She is a selfless professional who seeks the best for her clients and delivers with pizzazz.” That’s one of the many reasons we wanted her to be a part of our boutique firm.


Her love for the business started at a young age since her father was a REALTOR in Toronto. That’s where she grew up with a stop in Boston and New Mexico, but this 23 year resident of Oahu, has lived here longer than anywhere else. As a graduate with a degree in Public Relations from Hawaii Pacific University she fell in love with this island just like we all do and decided to raise her family here.


Random fact, Chelsey was a location scout for movies before selling real estate. Sounds like a natural foray into selling. Her favorite thing about the business is being part of the exciting process and handing the keys over to happy clients!  But it’s not always easy, her least favorite part is telling clients the got outbid in a multiple offer situation.


When she’s not working you can find her enjoying time with her husband and three kids, sneaking away for a mani/pedi or buying pineapple decor. You might even catch her jamming out to a Justin Bieber song. She loves seafood, and a great glass of sauvignon blanc or a fruity beer. Her favorite vacation was to Ireland as a kid and can’t wait to take her family back there one day.


When it’s all said and done, she wants to be remembered for having a big heart!



Negotiating, Educating, Speaking, Coaching, Visionary


 "She is a selfless professional who seeks the best for her clients and delivers with pizzazz."




"Your entrepreneur hussle was impressive and admirable.  Thank you for allowing our family the safe space to talk about our financials, personal preferences and family dynamics!  I can't imagine a job where I had to work with people's families or husbands and wives!!  Terrifying! But what makes the connection special is that I always felt like we could share EVERYTHING because there was a level of trust and that's the relationship piece we all want in any financial transaction." - Jane + Joey


"One of the most impressive aspects of working with Chesley Wall was her network of contacts. From home inspectors, contractors, cleaning crew to staging studio, she contacted professionals who were as competent and reliable as she was. This make the stressful process of selling our home much smoother and more efficient. We have sold our home above market value. We highly recommend her for anyone looking to buy or sell a home." Natasha


Worked with Chelsey in 2020 to purchase my first home and was so happy with the experience! It was a very exciting time but also very overwhelming and a home we loved popped up very early in our search so it was really a crash course for my husband and I to get up to speed. Chelsey was so knowledgeable, attentive to all our questions and concerns, and helped us feel confident at every step of the process. Highly recommend her services. - Kelly




How can I we help? From the home buying process, to the current market in Hawaii I got you covered! Give me a call or write me an email. I'm always here to serve.


Tel: +1 (808) 227-0420

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