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Come Move

with US!


Usually the story we share here at Island Living Homes is after the move - everyone has settled in, pictures have been hung on the walls, boxes long discarded. But this month, we got the special opportunity to join and document one move in progress - with our very own REALTOR Chelsey Wall!

"This move too,in particular, is a bit extra of course, because why not!”

Chelsey shares as she directs movers, rearranges boxes and puts her couch back together. “The sellers happened to need a place to move into - so they moved into our townhome, and we moved into their - OUR - new home… all on the same day, obviously!”

Chelsey Wall.jpg



This special arrangement of “swapping houses” created extra logistics for an activity that is already a bit complex at baseline. Anyone who has moved knows how complicated the process can be, from packing and arranging movers, to scheduling the actual move. But even amongst the pandemonium, there is a particular, contagious buzz of excitement throughout the house as people come and go, taking out items and bringing other items in. The seller Brian is there to share his own stories, including about how he raised his rare Waimea pink plumeria tree from just a wee branch years ago. 

I was pretty crushed, Ill admit. But looking back on it, I am SO thankful we lost that first house.”

Even though the move feels a bit more chaotic than most, it in no way has diminished the excitement for the Wall Ohana. “As a family, we weren’t even really looking for a house. We lived in an amazing townhome community here in Kailua and were so happy there. But then we happened to visit one home on the market that really put the ‘bee in our bonnet’, so to speak - seeing that home made us realize we would really love more space!” Chelsey shares the story of the first house that really got the ball rolling - the first “the one” - that was lost to bigger bidders.


“I was pretty crushed, I’ll admit. But looking back on it, I am SO thankful we lost that first house.” The “one that got away” was a major fixer upper, one in which Chelsey’s husband, Barry, who as a builder and contractor, planned to take on himself. “While it is great to be able to have control over your own build, what I think we ALL forget is that, if he’s out building homes during the day, and here building our home on the weekends, that doesn’t leave much time for living.”

It was with that realization that the Walls started considering the value in finding a home that wasn’t a complete fixer-upper, but Chelsey was pretty set on one particular neighborhood in Kailua. “We wanted a house in the Kalama tract area,” she shares. “It’s ironic because I ALWAYS tell my clients to keep an open mind, to consider homes they may not be open too, and yet, I nearly didn’t take my own advice,” she laughs, gesturing to the home around her. “First seeing this listing, I didn’t even consider it simply based on it not being in my ideal location. But my friend, and fellow real estate agent Leon, started sharing these amazing photos of a super cute house, and when I asked him about it, I realized the owner was Brian - a friend I’d known for 15 years! Ironically, I’d never actually been to his house before. Since I knew Brian, and Leon had shared such amazing photos of the home, we HAD to come take a look.”

As soon as Chelsey walked onto the property, she knew this was it.

“You know how you have your dream Pinterest board, with all the things you’d love to find in a house, but it really does feel like a wish-list? I always assumed I would have to make a home into my dream Pinterest board. But then we walked into this house, and I kept seeing ALL THE THINGS I had been wishing for! It was like someone had gotten ahold of my list as they build and designed this home, and checked off all the boxes!”

Chelsey’s mom, Kim, who is onsite helping with the move, chimes in: “We ALL knew it was the one, because Chelsey would NOT stop talking about it… she was obsessed! She was absolutely not letting this one get away.” And in the end, it did take some additional negations to seal the deal, but it was 100% worth it. 


Winnie the pup, taking on the very serious role of supervise during this unique “musical house” style move, also seems completely content with her new digs.

And truly, there’s so much to love about 321. It is a full fenced property, on the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Walking up to the house feels like you’re escaping to a private getaway. The backyard boasts an amazing bar, an outdoor shower, and beautiful landscaping throughout. There is a separate air-conditioned studio/office space and even a workshop. On paper, the lot size feels small at just under 5300 sqft, but the immaculate layout of the home and outdoor space make it feel incredibly spacious yet secluded. 


The Walls DO plan to make a few changes - starting with the kitchen - but overall, they’re happy to be able to settle in and start living their new Kailua adventure straight away. “This was definitely the right choice for us, and we can’t wait to make this home ours.”  And the rest of us can’t wait to come back and check on them in a few months to see their progress!

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