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As someone who views life and work through an optimistic and fearless lens, Sarah finds great joy in helping clients buy and/or sell property in Hawaii. Her strength is educating clients about how to make their goals tangible, how to use real estate strategically to build wealth and coaching them to understand their own unique vision more clearly.


Sarah has a background in business and journalism, experience as a real estate investor, 18 years as a military spouse and 14 years as a mother. Sarah's macroeconomic viewpoint of clients' goals and the belief that we can all live our best life, she uses an educational process and empathetic approach, listening to what her clients need and want while guiding them to a successful closing. She feels grateful to be a part of such an amazing, talented family of professionals with Island Living Homes and honored to be included in writing each client's next chapter. Sarah’s goal is not only to make Island Living Homes the “go to” platform for island real estate, but to “Live Happy, Do Good!"


Sarah's love for adventure and storytelling is what drives her to help clients realize their own life's vision through real estate. Her love of life, family and helping people feeds naturally into finding a beautiful house to call home, or redesigning a home to make it fit her client's lifestyle. After having moved so many times, she loves a good house hunt and tries to live by the aloha spirit that made her fall in love with island life in the first place! Finding a home for a family that they can make cherished memories in and call HOME is everything. 


Sarah fell into real estate much like we all do, as an investor. After buying her first condo at age 25, she caught the bug and realized the potential in owning. She has enjoyed being a landlord and renovating properties. With a love for problem solving and enhancing things to make them the best they can be on a budget, her eye for design continues to grow and define itself. 


She grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, received her degree from Arizona State University, lived and worked (a majority of them contract jobs) in Los Angeles, Tianjin, China, Naples, FL, Johannesburg, South Africa, and eventually San Diego for a number of years. There she worked for the World Trade Center Association, San Diego and NYK Logistics. She met her husband Jake, an Officer in the Navy and they eventually moved around the Pacific Rim. 


Home is where the Navy sends you, and Hawaii is the perfect place to finally call home after 11 moves between 10 cities in the last 20 years. Sarah had the moving part down and has enjoyed planting roots over the past 8 years in Kailua. 


Her best advice for clients, 

1. "Take some risks. Building a real estate portfolio is extremely beneficial to your financial security." 

2. "Owning a home in Hawaii is a tangible dream!"

3. "Don't be afraid to do the uncomfortable financial work with your partner to make a plan, to see where you are and where you want to be financially. It's worth any argument(s) you may come across and you come out stronger in the end."

Sarah loves travel, beach time and live music! But most of all, time with her family, friends and doodles. 



Strategizing, Educating, Writing, Mentoring, Investment Concepts


 "The best way to know life, is to love many things"  
- Vincent Van Gough.



"If I had a question during any part of the home buying process, Sarah already had an answer or was already looking into it! Very open communication" Steve + Lindsay



“I also loved spending time with our REALTOR, Sarah. We felt incredibly taken care of by her during this process. She ensured we saw everything on the market and provided unwavering emotional support and enthusiasm, which really reduced our stress and made the process fun. Some of my favorite moments were spent with Sarah laughing (and cringing!) over the design choices in some homes!” Claire + Stephen


"These women have so much experience to draw from and I was so grateful for their wisdom and confidence through this process.”
James + Erica




How can I we help? From the home buying process, to the current market in Hawaii I got you covered! Give me a call or write me an email. I'm always here to serve.


Tel: +1 (808) 445-1845

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