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5 Island Inspired Artists You Should Know

Are you looking for a unique piece to decorate your home? or looking to gift a statement piece that is sure to get a conversation started? In no particular order, these are some of our local favorites to bring that island flare to any home.

1. Colin Redican

Hawaii-born artist, studied at The Art Institute of Chicago. Having his studio located in his home in Kailua he draws inspiration from the area’s natural beauty and accesses Honolulu’s vibrant community of artists.

We also know him personally, since he and his family are heavily involved in Kailua's community, which makes he's work even more awesome!

Visit his Website HERE

2. Leanna Wolff

Nobody describes it best, than the actual source: "Leanna’s experience in architectural interior design has sustained her a niche working with clients on private commissions, understanding their spaces as a whole and giving visuals that is unique to her process. Settled in Hawaii with Otto and their twin girls, the family works together to create every piece, the 4 year old twins helping to collect glass, shells and plastics off the beach while Otto studies and documents the water through his photography and hand stretches every canvas. Bringing awareness to the current state of our oceans and how to rid it of the waste our lifestyles worldwide have contributed to its devastation is a passion that runs deep in this family. For every painting sold, Leanna donates $100 to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii."

Visit her Website HERE

3. Punky Aloha

Punky Aloha Studio is the design and illustration studio of Shar Tuiasoa. Born and raised on Oahu, her statement pieces deliver retro pop art with an island vibe, pieces that are sure to stand out in any space. She was quoted saying: "I think representation matters and I wanted there to be that moment for other Polynesian women and girls to be like, “Yeah, totally, that’s me, I’m that girl too and I love it.”-- And we're digging ALL. OF. IT.

Visit her Website HERE

4. Kristen Reyno – Lola Pilar Hawaii

Hawaii Made photographic artwork inspired by vintage Hawaiian Quilts.

After running her own photography business on Oʻahu, her obsession grew from traditional Hawaiian quilts. Kristen produces photographs of fresh local flowers inspired by the rich history of Hawai’i and the beautiful patterns found in these quilts. Each flower-quilt involves sourcing fruit and flowers from aunties' backyards, in addition to lei and fruit stands of Chinatown...WOW

Visit her Website HERE

5. Lauren Roth

Hawaii based artist and graphic designer. The places she has lived and traveled hold a heavy influence on her work, as does the breathtaking scenery in her everyday surroundings. Her color filled art has a style so distinct that one immediately knows it's a Lauren Roth piece Look for her pink-trimmed storefront right in the heart of Kailua town, on Hekili Street.

Visti her Website HERE

And there you have it folks.

There's still an endless list of artists in this neck of the ocean, but for now, fill up on these! To be continued...

Happy Aloha Friday Y'all.

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