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Closing of A Year: Scrapbooking 2021

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

WOW! Can you believe 2021 is nearly over? It is often said every year, but somehow this year, it is even more surreal. It was as if we all steam-rolled our way into 2021, eager to put behind us so many of the trials and tribulations of 2020. And while 2021 hasn’t been without its own set of challenges, for the team at Island Living Homes, it was also so gratefully full of wonderful clients, special moments, opportunities to give back, and new beginnings.



JANUARY started off with a bang, with record-low interest rates still providing a dynamic housing market. We welcomed a new team member, Melissa, and DANG are we glad to have her! Turns out you’re never too late to decide what you want to be when you grow up! After teaching for 10 years, she was eager to pursue a new challenge and chase another dream - as a REALTOR!

Cristina, our "Marketing Shaman", and fam said a bittersweet "a hui hou,” to the islands in 2020 to pursue new growth and opportunities in Miami. They bought a house and are building some solid life equity. That brought many challenges in 2021 but working remotely (Welcome to the "New Norm" full of hilarious frozen pictures!) has allowed them to stay connected with their island family and still be a member of the ILH Ohana. Umm...but how?

With Cristina's departure, we were in need of a new photographer...and to spite the distance the Universe thankfully bestowed upon us another star! -- Misha first teamed up with us at our 2020 family photoshoot, but we also learned she has a way with words! She joined our team as both picture taker and content writer.

FEBRUARY is one of our favorite months, as we use it as an opportunity to really LOVE on our clients and our community. We paid a safe and socially-distant visit to the Wilson Senior Living Home in Kailua, as the kupuna there had not left, nor had visitors, in over a year! Our own keiki also participated by making homemade cards and pictures and we spent some time waving and saying hello.

We also changed up our annual Valentine’s Day Client Appreciation event - ever adapting due to COVID restrictions - and flew in over 100 LIVE lobsters from Maine, to create an incredible at-home date night experience for our clients. It was an incredible hit with everyone who participated. So much so, it is our new annual tradition! Watch the video HERE.



We continued to MARCH on into the year, buying and selling homes, helping clients navigate the unknowns of the market and the economy. Our incredible boss lady continued making waves around the Real Estate world, participating in a women-led real estate webinar and furthering the drive of her team to be and do the best on behalf of our clients.

And because she can’t be stopped, she was also announced as the upcoming 2022 National Association of REALTORS Vice President of Association Affairs. WHEW! What a leader to have at our helm!



The summer ended with the bittersweet farewell of team member and agent Laura. Being a military family, the Navy called them to chase new horizons in Washington, DC., but again, with those fabulous technological capabilities, Laura is still very much a part of the team, while also pursuing incredible real estate opportunities in the DC area. And we know it is only a matter of time before they rejoin us here! But summer happenings didn't end there...



A huge dream came true for one of our team members. Chelsey's family found, bought and moved into a new house! In this crazy housing market, it would take a true alignment of stars for it to become a reality. But it did! And they are SO grateful. Even as Chelsey found dream homes for her clients, she truly didn’t know what was in store for her own family. As she puts it "It was an incredibly surreal experience, helping all of my clients go through the process and then getting to go through it myself!"



The fall rolled in, and we celebrated our teachers with a give away drawing, all nominations provided by our community. We put together a comprehensive contractor’s guide, giving a one-stop landing place for our clients to consider contractors and other speciality services. All the names and companies were provided based on personal experience from our clients and our team.

Our annual NOVEMBER client family photo shoot took place over two separate weekends, giving families the choice of a beautiful beach scene or a hip, Christmas-themed VW bus. And we delivered over 65 pies the week of Thanksgiving. So grateful that we could be able to personally connect with so many wonderful clients and friends! Moments like these give us the opportunity to further thank them… and see their lovely faces!



Oh, and through all this, we of course continued helping clients -nearly 40 in fact! - buy and sell their homes -- Growing our Ohana bigger and bigger.

When looking back at the year as a whole we asked Shannon: "What will you remember?". Her answer really sums things up.

"In spite of the rollercoaster of a year, the ILH Ohana was so fortunate to have great success in 2021. The team as a whole, and individuals, far exceeded our business goals while deepening our relationships with our clients and our community. We helped over 40 families realize their dreams of homeownership! It certainly wasn’t a perfect year, as we also experienced several personal curveballs; the loss of family, friends, a valued team member moving to the mainland, and the everyday trials that raising a young family brings. But through it all, our team consistently pulled together to lift one another up and push forward. Or, as my daughter would say, we rode the waves and came out the other side stronger. I am forever thankful and proud of how this team continues to be stronger and better for ourselves, our families, and our clients.

So, how does it all end? Simple. GIVING. As Nicole puts it - "The past couple of years have been busy, filled with anxiety about Covid, politics, etc. Now, more than ever, I am grateful for each moment of love and laughter that we can spend together." and what better way than...

Wrapping up the year together and THRILLED to participate in the Salvation Army’s annual Angel Tree program-- donating over $1000 to purchase gifts for our local keiki and kupuna and creating a little magic along the way for the holiday season ahead.

In early DECEMBER, we began reaching out to our clients and our families, asking for their support and participation. As a team, we donated towards the program, and took a group shopping trip to purchase items for 25 angels! Watch our carts roll HERE !

As we look towards 2022, we know change is inevitable in the real estate market. Interest rates are expected to go up, the world is not reeling quite so much from the shock of a global pandemic; a lot is unknown about the future. But what we know without a doubt is that at Island Living Homes, we have the best clients, an incredible world-wide team, and SO many reasons to give and show our gratitude. We look forward to all we’ll do together in the coming year.

From all of us at Island Living Homes, we wish each of your Ohana the happiest of holiday seasons. We can’t wait to make 2022 the best year yet!

With Love,

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