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Kailua Market Report - April 2020

Updated: May 5, 2020

Kailua, in April, was a healthy seller's market due to low inventory and healthy demand from buyers - the same number of homes went under contract April 2020 as April 2019. This indicates buyers are still buying in Kailua. The issue at hand is there are 28% less homes to choose from than last year, since not as many homes are being listed. We are down - So this is creating multiple offers and keeping prices up.

What's interesting to see is the price point breakdown. The higher priced market has slowed 50% island wide (read more on Oahu April 2020 stats here.) Kailua slowed even more than 50%... The image below shows how many homes in each price point went under contract. I typically would not put 1.35-2million in one group - but there were so few in that range in 2020 that I did. It seems that the entry level homes below 1.3million in Kailua are moving fast. I suspect even at a slower pace of coming on the market, the higher priced homes will stay on the market even longer than before.

If you're interested in what's going on in your particular area let us know! We're happy to produce custom stats for you!

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