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May Day Lei Po'o Workshop 🌺

What a fabulous hands on workshop, led by our dear friend Rita Sierra of Haku's of Aloha! This was such a special way for each of us to immerse ourselves in the rich culture of Hawai'i by learning how to make our very own lei po'o, wiliwili style!

Every guest carefully selected their flowers and assorted greenery from a breathtaking array, crafting each handmade lei po'o with their own personal touch. The morning was brightened by smiles, laughter and shared stories, creating a heartwarming atmosphere. From the keiki making lei, to witnessing familiar faces mingling with new friends, to learning such a special Hawaiian cultural tradition, made for a priceless morning.

May Day is celebrated throughout the state of Hawai'i marked by a joyful showcase of music, hula performances, lei contests and lessons in traditional Hawaiian arts, such as lei making and lauhala weaving. To gift or receive a lei can apply to every occasion in life in Hawaii, from birth to death, in greeting and farewell, for honor and celebration.

We had a blast making our lei po'o's and we're eagerly anticipating next years event! We hope your day is filled with fragrant lei's, warm smiles and plenty of Aloha!

From our Island Living Homes ohana to yours, Happy May Day!

*To learn more about the history of May Day please read more here.


"A lei is like somebody's arms wrapped around you in a hug."

-Puni Patrick

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