Exactly what you need.

Every step of the way.

We're different at Island Living Homes. Take a look around. You'll see being a boutique firm allows us the flexibility to service our clients in ways most don't.


Our 40+ years of combined experience of helping buyers find the homes of their dreams, sellers create their next opportunity, and investors make money - all while giving back to the community is one thing. But it's our client centric approach that makes our clients keep coming back and refer their friends. 


Selling a home in any market can seem like a daunting task.  Buying a home in Hawaii - to some, this seems impossible! Lucky for you, we are pretty darn passionate about making this process and transition smooth, manageable, and downright fun for our clients!




REal Stories


Real people. Real families. Real achievable goals.

Our passion is helping others create wealth through real estate. We like long term holds, others like to flip. Hawaii is full of opportunities to make money. We have a proven track record. 

Don't trust us saying it. Trust our gallery of clients who are willing to share their experiences in their homes and neighborhoods and how working with 

Island Living Homes guided them home.

Aaron + Jessica

Relocating from Guam, this island family wanted space for their boys to be boys and their family to make memories in. Schools were important to them, and having having an open floor plan that combines their love for cooking and entertaining was key. Their hurdles included closing on their property in Guam simultaneously while purchasing here. Not everything went according to plan. 


Follow their Journey to find out what happened.  


Being a military family, Kellie and her husband were looking for a home that made financial sense. They wanted something that they could live in now, and keep to rent in the future. There must haves: cashflow, in Kailua and something that would be low maintenance for years to come. 

Follow their Journey to find out what they bought and how they achieved their goals.

Modern Living Room
Personal Desk


* This list is regularly updated, so check back often for the latest featured Listings and Open Houses 


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