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Is Staging Important When Selling Your Home?

The showing condition of your home plays a major role in how quickly and how high of a price your home will sell for. Staging your home helps paint a picture for how buyers will feel living in their new space. Don’t underestimate the importance of staging; research shows well-staged homes sell faster than homes that haven’t been staged at all.

Although Professional Staging is often required to optimize your home to sell, there are a few things you can do yourself to enhance the appeal of your home. Start with the lighting, as ample lighting is important for making your home feel bright and welcoming. Keep window coverings open and increase the wattage of the bulbs in your lamps and fixtures. You will also need to get rid of unnecessary furniture and clutter. Extra couches, chairs, tables, and personal knick knacks can make your home feel cluttered and make it difficult for a potential buyer to imagine themselves living there. You will also want to stow your family portraits and personal items out of sight. There is no need to get rid of everything; you can put some items in storage to use in your next home.

At Island Living Homes, we always go above and beyond to get our clients homes sold fast, for top dollar! We utilize staging to enhance your home's interior & exterior appeal in order to help ensure peak showing conditions for prospective buyers. Our design team is top notch, and we'll make your home look its best. From curb appeal to the small details, we'll make sure your home is looking spectacular for maximum marketability. Your agent will work with you to schedule home showings at times convenient for you. They will also make sure you have enough time to tidy up before a potential buyer arrives.

Having the right agent makes all the difference in how quickly your home sells, getting you the best return, and making the entire process successful and as least-stressful as possible. If you're not sure if selling now is the best option, or if even working with a real estate professional is the right move, please reach out to connect with our team. We'd love to discuss all your options and help weigh your choices! Email us at or call 808.798.5800

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